Empowering the Next Generation
of Haitians

Holistic Education, Medical Care and Community Programs for the children of Gressier, Haiti

300,000 Haitian children are living as

household slaves
Known locally as restaveks, these children are denied education, hope, and a future.
We believe all children have inherent worth and deserve life-changing holistic education and support.
Life-Changing Education
More Opportunity
When students learn the
basics, a whole world of
possibilities opens.
Hope for the Future
When a student is given
stability today, they’re
excited about tomorrow.
Basic Needs Met
When food and medical
needs are met, students can
focus on learning.
Inherent Value
When a community pours
into their students, they
know their worth.

Serving the people of Gressier, Haiti since 2011

Respire Haiti by the numbers

Haitians employed

Students in our school

Classrooms in our school

Buildings on our campus

Meals served per day

Given in microfinance loans

Here’s how we serve hundreds of

Haitian students every day:

1. Holistic Education

Focusing on the physical and mental well-being of each student, we go beyond academics to inspire and empower.

2. Medical Care

Our Love+1 Medical Clinic provides free medical care to our students, their families, and the larger community

3. Community Programs

We teach leadership development while engaging with students through sports like soccer and tennis.

Education + Love

Sets Children Free

Respire Haiti wants to end the practice of restaveks by incrementally changing the cultural attitudes about child slavery through holistic education, medical care and community programs.

When the financial burdens to educate and care for children are decreased, families have less reason to need to offer their children as restaveks. When communities are educated about children’s rights and their value, their views on child slavery slowly change.

The inspirational memoir of Respire Haiti’s

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain: A Young Woman’s Remarkable Story of Pushing Back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti

Partner with us today to help change

the future of this community

The children living in Gressier, Haiti deserve quality education, community support, and to know their inherent worth

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