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At Respire Haiti we provide holistic education, medical care, and support that empowers students and gives them hope for the future.

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Mental Health is generally undervalued throughout Haiti and mental health programs are very rare and can be difficult to access. Respire Haiti is very proud to have a mental health program as a part of our clinic. Our mental health program provides one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy and support groups. Most mental health patients are students, but the program is open to others. Additionally, mental health services are also provided for parents of special needs children. As the majority of our students are restaveks, most mental health services are related to working through and coping with past or ongoing trauma. We currently employ individuals that are licensed in psychology, social work and child and family studies.

In addition, a parent support group is offered twice monthly. During the group sessions, parents receive education on various diagnoses and treatments. The group also discusses social stigmas, cultural beliefs, and Bible scripture. The parent support group offers a safe place for parents to develop social networks, encourage one another and openly discuss hardships and triumphs. Every parent is encouraged to take advantage of this amazing group. Our Therapy Department works closely with both our Medical Clinic as well as our Mental Health Department to ensure that the needs of each patient are holistically met.

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