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Your $35 a month can change a student’s life in Gressier, Haiti.

There is no free public education system in Haiti, due to this less than 60% of elementary students are enrolled in school and by 9th grade, less than 20% are still enrolled in school.
Through our sponsorship program, we offer students a chance to receive holistic education. Our students develop life skills that will equip them to positively impact their communities and the world. For our donors, sponsorship provides an opportunity to connect with a student at Respire Haiti Christian School and develop a personal relationship that can last a lifetime!
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When You Sponsor A Student…

You are joining a global community dedicated to giving vulnerable children, orphans and restaveks in Gressier, Haiti better opportunities and a chance at a bright future. By being a sponsor you are not only financially supporting a student’s future but also partnering in prayer over that student’s life. As a sponsor, you are critical in the “encourage” part of our mission to encourage, educate and empower. You can grow your relationship by writing notes, sending and receiving updated pictures and learning about your sponsor student’s progress.


What is included when you begin sponsorship?

As a child sponsor you follow your sponsored child on her or his journey through school at Respire Haiti Christain School.

After registering for a sponsorship you will receive a welcome packet in the mail that includes more information about the impact of your partnership, letter writing and gift giving guide, and a picture of the sponsored child. In addition you will quarterly receive letters from the child you are sponsoring throughout the time you are sponsoring.

What does sponsorship cover?

Funds donated through the sponsorship program are utilized to support students in each of the educational levels. These funds help to cover the costs of tuition, classroom textbooks, uniforms (shirt and skirt or pants), lab fees, two meals a day and an annual physical exam.

Does my donation go directly to the student I sponsor?
100% of all sponsorship donations go directly into providing for our children and their care at Respire Haiti. Your funds are pooled with donations of other like-minded individuals to carry out the mission and vision of our school and support our student’s educations.
May I write to the student I sponsor?

Absolutely! We encourage you to write letters and send pictures. Please login to your sponsorship account and click the messaging tab

How many sponsors does each child have?
Any given student may have up to two sponsors. Each student has two sponsorship segments, each $35 a month. If you decide to sponsor at $70 a month, you would be that student’s only sponsor.
When does my commitment end?

Your partnership with Respire Haiti will continue throughout the duration of your RHCS student’s education, if your sponsor student graduates or leaves for any given reason, we will be able to place you with another student or end your sponsorship. *If you can no longer remain a student sponsor you may contact us or make edits on your profile to make a change to your gift amount, frequency or partnership.

When I go to pick a student to sponsor, why can’t I see their pictures?

It is of the utmost importance to our organization that children always come first. By concealing these images we aim to protect the identity and dignity of each child and their family.

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